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February is Dental Health Month....

Have you ever wondered why there is a bad smell that lingers with every kiss or nuzzle from your pet? Just like people, our dogs & cats need routine dental cleanings and care to protect their teeth, gums, and overall health. By the age of three, most of our patients are suffering from some form of dental disease.

One of the earliest symptoms of dental disease is bad breath, which is commonly due to periodontal disease. Gingivitis and periodontal disease (inflammation and infection of the gums) serve as a source of bacteria that may eventually spread throughout the body causing potentially life threatening problems within the heart or kidneys. Dental disease can also be very painful and cause changes in your pet(s) behavior. Fortunately, with routine dental exams, preventative and maintenance care these life threatening problems may be caught early, addressed quickly, or perhaps avoided all together.

You can help prevent dental disease with routine brushing, dental chews, or by using a variety of other available dental products. However, it is inevitable that every pet will at some point begin to accumulate tarter and bacteria in the mouth. When needed, we can provide your pet with a Dental Prophy. This is an outpatient day procedure which includes anesthesia, cleaning and polishing. Any tooth in question will be extracted or radiographed to assess if extraction is needed. Minor perio-dontal diseased teeth can be saved with sub-gingival packing of an antibiotic gel, similar to human dentistry. 

Dental Health is very important to your pet(s) health, and we encourage you to make yourself more aware of these serious health risks, ask questions, and be proactive. You may also call and talk to our staff if you have questions about how to initiate a good plan for your pet(s) dental health.

Please call the clinic to schedule your pets exam to determine if a prophy is indeed needed. If we determine that it is the best option for your pet, we will then perform the required laboratory tests and provide an estimate of your pets procedure. 

There are limited appointments so book early, we will not provide rain check or discounted procedures past March 8th. There will be no procedures the last week in February, so we are extending it to the first week in March. 

Receive 15% off your dental cleaning and tooth extractions in the month of February. 

Excludes exam, laboratory test and medications.

Only 1 discount class  permitted. Is not in addition to other discounts.