August 2022

Pet of the Month



I have always loved my humans, I like napping with them, looking at them, training them to give me snacks and cuddles. I slipped a tendon when I was a young chick, so I got use to leg massages, chiropractic care, and being carried and maybe a little spoiled. As I got older I loved eating at the picnic table or eating while sitting on laps, in fact I run to my humans when they call my name. My humans always tell me I have a very prominent beautiful large comb and stunning orange eyes that contrast with my black feathers, making me quit the standout in the flock. I am an Ameraucana with a really sweet disposition and great love for people. Now that I have gotten older I am a full time house chicken, who spends my days preening in the mirror, dust bathing while watching Netflix and sipping water with a side salad, while basking in the glow of my sunlamp. My humans tell people to be careful with me because I will steal your heart!