Pet of the Month

Fink, Kirby, Cookie, Moomoo, and Meeper

Fink: Hello! I'm the oldest and alpha of the business. I'm 4 years old already and still putting up with the bunch's craziness. Mom calls me big brother because I've learned how everyone plays. If I'm going to live up to my title as alpha, I need to be a good big brother too.

Kirby: I'm the second oldest though Fink and I were born the same week. I came second and came with my sister Star. I've gotten pretty close to Moo since he was sick earlier this year. Also, I don't like people, you're annoying and don't touch me. I merely tolerate all of you. 

Cookie: I'm the middle baby and the oldest girl! I'm the smallest in the business and the cutest. Mom calls me Princess because I'm fussy about my fur and I like warm places. I'm always down to give someone a bath or cuddle up! I'm also Fink's mate! 

Moomoo: Are you talking? I can't hear anything because I'm deaf. I'm a silly boy who is all over the place! I'm different from you average baby aside from the face  that I'm deaf. I give wet kisses! I'm the only one in the bunch that stashes stuffed animals too. Mom buys them just for me. Kirby and Cookie are my favorite playmates! 

Meeper: I'm crazy! I'm deaf just like Moo! I also have adrenal disease. I'm about 2 and a half. Big brother is my role model, I learn everything from him. He gets into something or has something, I want in. Discovering I like raw eggs and tendon chews is thanks to him. his and big sis are my favorite play mates.  

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