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Dr. Jina Andrews-Neiderer


Dr. Andrews-Neiderer grew up in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota. She pursued her passion for animals at  the University of Minnesota, majoring in Animal Science. She graduated from the University's College of  Veterinary Medicine in 2003. Since then she has practiced in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, taking  special interest in Small Animal, Avian and Exotic medicine and surgery. She highly values education and  keeps up to date on all the latest medical and surgical practices by attending annual conferences, as well as  many Small Animal medical and surgical seminars.

Dr. Andrews-Neiderer soon found that conventional medicine did not have all the solutions. That is when  her interests in alternative therapies developed. She educated herself in many different modalities, including herbs, flower remedies, homeopathic therapies, essential oils 

and whole food supplements.  During this period of enlightenment she discovered Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. She decided to  cultivate this interest further by attending and graduating from the International Veterinary Acupuncture   Society in 2008. She now enjoys offering these services to the community.

Dr. Andrews Neiderer shares her life with husband Tom, 6 horses, 4 dogs (Stella the Dane,  Tucker the Border Collie/Lab, Rupert the Terrier Mix, and Dover the Cavalier King Charles), 

8 house cats, and 3 clinic cats.





Hospital Team Members

Dr. Cassie Murphy

Dr Cassie is the owner of River Ridge Animal Chiropractic Inc. She graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University with a doctorate in Chiropractic. She also attended Options for Animals Chiropractic College and is certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA). Dr Cassie holds active licenses in people and animals for the state of MN. She has a passion for animals of all kind and wants to pursue that love at Animal and Exotic Wellness Center. Dr Cassie is dedicated to making her patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their adjustments. She spends her free time with her horses riding competitively in ranch rodeos and team penning.


Colleen is our Practice Manager here at Animal and Exotic, and you may see her at the reception desk or in the rooms as a technician. She has worked within the field of veterinary medicine for about 20 years. She is happily married and has 3 grown children. She now shares her home with a dog and two cats. In her free time Colleen enjoys reading and gardening.


Gabby started working here in December 2018 as a Veterinary Assistant, she got her certificate for Veterinary Assistant in April 2019. When she is not at work she loves being outside, fishing, going for walks, and she loves spending time with all her animals. 



Cindy works as a receptionist. She lives here in Elk River with her husband. They are currently between pets but have had cats and a horse in the past. When she gets some spare time Cindy loves to travel. She also enjoys reading, sewing, taking long walks, and riding horses.


Jackie is a Veterinary Assistant working towards her Veterinary Technician Degree. She has been with us since May 2023. She is happily married and proud mom of two young kids, three dogs, and a small hobby farm of animals including goats, geese, and chickens. When she isn't working, she enjoys the outdoors, she also loves cheering on our Minnesota sports teams and spending time with her family.




Spud came to the clinic when it first opened in 2009. He loves to spend warm days in the woods behind the clinic. In winter he stays in the back. Spud is a manx cat, so he has no tail. However, he makes up for it by being polydactl, meaning he has extra toes.



Sid was found behind the clinic when he was only a kitten a few months after Spud arrived. He enjoys laying on the front desk to get attention from anyone willing to give it. He does get overstimulated and may bite. Like Spud, Sid has extra toes!


Boco joined the clinic cats as a kitten in 2010. He can usually be found lounging on one of the chairs up front or tucked away in his cat house in back.

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